Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shake it like a polaroid picture...

Since the top story on CNN right now is about the quake that rattled Los Angeles, we thought we'd better do a post to let our friends and family in other states know that we're okay.  

At 11:42 this morning, a 5.4 earthquake struck about 30-miles southeast of Los Angeles.  Both jen and I were working hard at our desks when the rumbling began. Luckily, I am in a 1-story brick building, where the shaking was intense, but nothing compared to what jen experienced on the 15th floor of her office.  

Jen's office was evacuated for the day, so she's home with Katie and Bodhi.  I'm back at my desk, working hard...um...kind of.  I have to admit, that after something like this happens, it's a bit hard to concentrate.  Living in Los Angeles for 8 years, I've experienced many an earthquake. But only 3 stand out.  Most of them happen in the middle of the night, or they're so small you confuse them with a plane or large truck.  But this one was definitely different. 

Today's earthquake started out as a gentle roll, and then grew stronger.  It seemed to go on forever.  All I could think was when is this going to stop ???  But it did...and we're fine...only to be left with the thought when will the next one be?  


Allyson said...

I'm sorry, this last posting was days ago...I want something new. I've probably checked it about 5 times just today!

StacyJill said...

Glad you guys are ok!!!