Friday, July 25, 2008

New media. I have arrived.

I suppose technically I have blogged in the past. I mean, Myspace made it pretty easy for me to share my passion for turkey meatballs, photos of my old platform shoes, and my revelation regarding dancing (um. I enjoy it, for those of you who missed that one)… but this feels like the real deal entry into web 2.0!

Because Jamie had already posted what I thought was an awesome blog (and has since posted another at the time of this writing), I spent the day at work contemplating what I would write about. And then I spent the whole drive home thinking about it… and then as I grocery shopped… Hm.

So then I sat at the computer and looked to see what other bloggers are yapping on about: mostly politics, their kids, pop culture. I did find a couple unique ones: ways to modify your IKEA furniture, a team of folks sailing across the Pacific on a raft made of plastic bottles… but alas, no real inspiration. In fact, it made me realize that I had nothing to talk about. And it dawned on me that my first blog would be very Seinfeld-esque, in that it would be a blog about… Nothing.


I began thinking about all the things I should try in order to have something to share with my audience. New hobbies? Exotic foods? What would be my shtick? Would I bitch about things? There is the parking ticket I got this morning… Would I talk about gay stuff? There are vigorous debates happening about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell these days… Politics? Eh, just go to and we’ll all save time.

Well patient readers, I guess we’ll all have to wait to find out – it’s my turn to jump on the Wii, and I got nothin’. Don’t worry – at least tomorrow I can talk about my bowling skills. And hell, probably something gay.

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Jamie said...

A blog about nothing...well, yada yada yada...I love it.