Thursday, July 24, 2008

America got it wrong..., so wrong. 

So normally, our first blog EVER would be an introduction of sorts.  A welcome to our blog blurb.  But after what happened tonight, we really must get straight to the issues.  

Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance (aka SYTYCD), America got it wrong.  Our dear, sweet Will was voted off.  As we sat on the couch, holding hands and comforting each other during this tragedy, all we could think was wtf  ???  

Now I admit, I (jamie) was having my doubts about Will.  Although he's clearly the most talented dancer to ever step foot on that stage, he was getting a little cocky.  But voting him off America?  That's just wrong.  

We will continue to watch this season for Joshua & Katee of course.  But our show will never be the same.  If tonight is any indication of the upcoming election, we are in deep, deep trouble.  

Oh yeah...WELCOME TO OUR BLOG!!!!!  


hoftroy79 said...

I love the blog! :)

ELP said...

i'm crying, why why why why why. will was the best. THE BEST. i hate you america.

Roxanne said...

Will getting voted off SYTYCD (it took me 10 minutes to think that out and I still don't think I got it right) WAS A CRIME!!! I heart Mark, bee tee dubs.

StacyJill said...

Welcome to the blogworld! I'll make sure I add you guys to my blogroll too!!!!



Amy A, I mean L said...

I don't know about SYTYCD but will you consider watching DWTS (Dancing With The Stars) this season? I tend to need a lot of comforting during that series and my misery would love your company.

Allyson said...

This page is my new favorite thing! I checked it last night before I went to bed and now when I got up-- so disappointed there wasn't a new entry between now and then...especially one that involves me! I'm so honored to have made your page!!!!

Lori Markman said...

I love this blog and appreciate your passion about dancing reality shows. I highly recommend trying "Dancing With The Stars" on for size. Last season, Marlee Matlin (i.e. Deafy on the L Word) was on!! She thought she could dance and she could but not as well as an olympic gold medalist ice skater. DWTS is mine and Viv's favorite show..And we might have to start a blog of our own. You guys are inspiring! Keep up the good work!