Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shake it like a polaroid picture...

Since the top story on CNN right now is about the quake that rattled Los Angeles, we thought we'd better do a post to let our friends and family in other states know that we're okay.  

At 11:42 this morning, a 5.4 earthquake struck about 30-miles southeast of Los Angeles.  Both jen and I were working hard at our desks when the rumbling began. Luckily, I am in a 1-story brick building, where the shaking was intense, but nothing compared to what jen experienced on the 15th floor of her office.  

Jen's office was evacuated for the day, so she's home with Katie and Bodhi.  I'm back at my desk, working hard...um...kind of.  I have to admit, that after something like this happens, it's a bit hard to concentrate.  Living in Los Angeles for 8 years, I've experienced many an earthquake. But only 3 stand out.  Most of them happen in the middle of the night, or they're so small you confuse them with a plane or large truck.  But this one was definitely different. 

Today's earthquake started out as a gentle roll, and then grew stronger.  It seemed to go on forever.  All I could think was when is this going to stop ???  But it did...and we're fine...only to be left with the thought when will the next one be?  

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hi-ho, the derry-o...

On my recent visit to Tennessee, one of my stops was my friend Tiffany's garden.  It was amazing.  At the beginning of the summer, she dug up a small section of her backyard, threw down some seeds, and now she has more vegetables than she knows what to do with. I am rarely jealous of others...but this garden made me green with envy.  

Unfortunately, jen and I only have a tiny 3x3ft patch of dirt behind our condo.  And unfortunately, the HOA has something rude to say about everything jen plants in it. So gardening is not really an option in our life right now.  

So, in an attempt to turn my jealousy into inspiration, jen and I took the scooters down to the Burbank Farmer's Market on Saturday.  We got some great stuff!  One of our favorite finds was the itty-bitty baby eggplants.  We got a pound of them for $1.50, and a pound of string beans for $1. We cooked them up that night with some tofu & Chinese spices.  It was definitely our best meal of 2008.    All for under $5.  How can you beat that?  

So go green...buy local...support California farmers...and eat baby eggplant.  That is our advice for this lovely Monday afternoon.  

**Update - jen has informed me that our dirt patch is 4x4ft.  

Sunday, July 27, 2008

In the Land of Seth Cohen

Any O.C. fans out there?

Ok, how about fans of stunning lanky Jewish boys with perfect comedic delivery?

Due to our painful withdrawals from the characters on FOX’s cancelled
The O.C., Jamie and I rented In the Land of Women last night. See, the movie stars one Mr. Adam Brody – who played high schooler Seth Cohen down there in Newport – and we were hoping to get 90 more minutes of Seth-like moments.

(Clearly still in the Denial stage of Grief…)

While there were definitely a couple classic “Seth” deliveries, the movie had enough of its own personality to carry it. Meaning, I stopped wanting Ryan Atwood to walk on screen almost immediately. With Kristen Stewart (remember the delightfully androgynous kid from
Panic Room?), Meg Ryan (the romantic comedy maven herself), and Olympia Dukakis (Moonstruck, Steel Magnolias) all sharing scenes with Brody, the movie was dialogue-heavy and well acted.

After searching the Internet for photos of Adam to post here, I have just one thing to say:
Ashton, you have officially been bumped to my number 2.

Friday, July 25, 2008

New media. I have arrived.

I suppose technically I have blogged in the past. I mean, Myspace made it pretty easy for me to share my passion for turkey meatballs, photos of my old platform shoes, and my revelation regarding dancing (um. I enjoy it, for those of you who missed that one)… but this feels like the real deal entry into web 2.0!

Because Jamie had already posted what I thought was an awesome blog (and has since posted another at the time of this writing), I spent the day at work contemplating what I would write about. And then I spent the whole drive home thinking about it… and then as I grocery shopped… Hm.

So then I sat at the computer and looked to see what other bloggers are yapping on about: mostly politics, their kids, pop culture. I did find a couple unique ones: ways to modify your IKEA furniture, a team of folks sailing across the Pacific on a raft made of plastic bottles… but alas, no real inspiration. In fact, it made me realize that I had nothing to talk about. And it dawned on me that my first blog would be very Seinfeld-esque, in that it would be a blog about… Nothing.


I began thinking about all the things I should try in order to have something to share with my audience. New hobbies? Exotic foods? What would be my shtick? Would I bitch about things? There is the parking ticket I got this morning… Would I talk about gay stuff? There are vigorous debates happening about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell these days… Politics? Eh, just go to barackobama.com and we’ll all save time.

Well patient readers, I guess we’ll all have to wait to find out – it’s my turn to jump on the Wii, and I got nothin’. Don’t worry – at least tomorrow I can talk about my bowling skills. And hell, probably something gay.

The Year of the Wedding

So 2008 will pretty much be T
he Year of the Wedding for us. We started off our wed-crawl at Amy & Bill's wedding in June. They had the most amazing ceremony & reception at Cicada Restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles. Talk about a wedding! The food was out of this world. The music, the dancing, the friends, THE CUPCAKES! And seeing Amy that happy was truly a gift.

Next, we're looking forward to Sonya & Jeff's wedding in Monterey, CA over Labor Day Weekend. (aka JAMIE'S BIRTHDAY!)  We're going to make a great vacation out of it, driving up the coast, camping and hiking in Big Sur, and relaxing at a B&B right on the water in Monterey.

After that, we've got Grayce & Jason's wedding in December...

And ALLYSON & EMMERY'S soon after!  Look at that rock!  

With so many of our friends saying "I Do" this year, love is definitely in the air.  We're so happy for everyone.  But of course it sparks the question... what about us???  

Currently in California, same-sex marriages are legal...for the moment.  But this November, Californians will vote on Prop 8, a ban on marriage for gay and lesbian couples in Cali.  Prop 8 is trying to amend the California constitution to only recognize marriage "between a man and a woman."  Pretty dumb, huh? 

So for all our left coast friends, vote "NO" on Proposition 8, and we promise you'll be invited to the wedding...in 5 or 10 years of course.  ;)  

Until then, our biggest drama is figuring out how many times we can actually get away with wearing the same dress/sweater vest to multiple weddings.  

Thursday, July 24, 2008

America got it wrong...

...so, so wrong. 

So normally, our first blog EVER would be an introduction of sorts.  A welcome to our blog blurb.  But after what happened tonight, we really must get straight to the issues.  

Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance (aka SYTYCD), America got it wrong.  Our dear, sweet Will was voted off.  As we sat on the couch, holding hands and comforting each other during this tragedy, all we could think was wtf  ???  

Now I admit, I (jamie) was having my doubts about Will.  Although he's clearly the most talented dancer to ever step foot on that stage, he was getting a little cocky.  But voting him off America?  That's just wrong.  

We will continue to watch this season for Joshua & Katee of course.  But our show will never be the same.  If tonight is any indication of the upcoming election, we are in deep, deep trouble.  

Oh yeah...WELCOME TO OUR BLOG!!!!!