Friday, July 25, 2008

The Year of the Wedding

So 2008 will pretty much be T
he Year of the Wedding for us. We started off our wed-crawl at Amy & Bill's wedding in June. They had the most amazing ceremony & reception at Cicada Restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles. Talk about a wedding! The food was out of this world. The music, the dancing, the friends, THE CUPCAKES! And seeing Amy that happy was truly a gift.

Next, we're looking forward to Sonya & Jeff's wedding in Monterey, CA over Labor Day Weekend. (aka JAMIE'S BIRTHDAY!)  We're going to make a great vacation out of it, driving up the coast, camping and hiking in Big Sur, and relaxing at a B&B right on the water in Monterey.

After that, we've got Grayce & Jason's wedding in December...

And ALLYSON & EMMERY'S soon after!  Look at that rock!  

With so many of our friends saying "I Do" this year, love is definitely in the air.  We're so happy for everyone.  But of course it sparks the question... what about us???  

Currently in California, same-sex marriages are legal...for the moment.  But this November, Californians will vote on Prop 8, a ban on marriage for gay and lesbian couples in Cali.  Prop 8 is trying to amend the California constitution to only recognize marriage "between a man and a woman."  Pretty dumb, huh? 

So for all our left coast friends, vote "NO" on Proposition 8, and we promise you'll be invited to the 5 or 10 years of course.  ;)  

Until then, our biggest drama is figuring out how many times we can actually get away with wearing the same dress/sweater vest to multiple weddings.  


Roxanne said...

Amy looks gorgeous in her dress! Cupcakes - OMG!!!

Wow, it really is the year of the wedding....

I can't wait to go to J & J's wedding!! (that's what the kool kids call jamie and jen.)

sahn-gee said...

I second the J&J wedding. Seeeriously.

Also, the sweater vest is totally fine by me. Jen, it's now your "wedding vest" and we'll all be disappointed if you DON'T wear it.

Amy A, I mean L said...

I am so honored to make the blog! I think you should make a photomontage of all the weddings the vest & dress have been to. Why shop for more when the perfect ensembles can make the wedding circuit?

Marrying the right person is the biggest blast, and you are each other's right person- THAT will be a party I can't wait to attend. SERIOUS conga line, and maybe even the limbo.

Let's play each other in wii!

helen said...

I'm all for wearing the same outfit to multiple weddings. Based on experience, I'll alter 1 accessory to make it "look" like I'm wearing something least in pictures.