Saturday, August 2, 2008

What a week it’s been.

Executive summary:
Power yoga, the earthquake, The Bowmans, so you think you can dance, and facebook.

Moksha Reaching
I’ve been on somewhat of a health kick lately. Nothing terribly impressive – mostly trying to avoid processed foods and getting at least 3 days of exercise in each week. Monday night I felt like doing
something, but didn’t want to go to the gym… so Jamie busted out the power yoga. It was over an hour of Bryan Kest’s audio conveniently stored on itunes (though we also have his VHS video). It wasn’t long before I was a sweat factory with sore wrists and aching hamstrings… but I stuck with it. Despite Kest’s constant reminder to listen to my body, I’m pretty sure my ego was the (louder) voice of reason. I pushed myself pretty hard and my muscles suffered the consequences all week. But truthfully, I guess one would have to be sore after holding poses your body doesn’t experience on a regular basis… I just need to find a happy medium. Or stick with Wii Yoga.

Seismic Waving
Oh, the earthquake. Now while I can appreciate
those making jokes about the 5.4 earthquake (seriously – read that article. it’s effing funny), I was pretty scared. Shaken, in fact, if you don’t mind the pun. I understand it did not cause any damage or serious injuries, but for this east coaster to feel her first “big one” from the 15th floor of an office building, it sucked! My adrenalin was pumping for quite a while! Cool thing was, we got sent home at noon that day.

Americana/Pop/Indie Singing
Jamie and I (along with friends Caroline, Jason, & Joe) discovered
The Bowmans on our Caribbean cruise in February 2008. They are two sisters who actually won a contest and got the opportunity to play alongside the super impressive acts that headlined: Lyle Lovett, Emylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, and the one and only Brandi Carlile.

Sarah and Claire Bowman were such a highlight of our vacation – and we were lucky enough to see them one month later, as they played a set at Room 5 on La Brea. After that show, they were headed off to Europe for a summer tour, but we knew they’d be back in July for a one-month residency at the
Hotel Café. After patiently waiting (and exchanging some fun myspace emails with Claire), July had finally arrived. We saw them perform twice, and man, did they kick ass. They sounded better than ever, and gave us “boat people” some personalized attention. I’m not sure this time when they’re coming back, so here’s a video of one of my favorite songs – we can all enjoy it together.

Dancing and Voting
The finale is here. It always comes too quickly, if you ask me. But this year it’s especially bittersweet.

For the first time in
sytycd history, I am undecided. I have been going back and forth between Joshua and Katee for weeks now, and I can’t imagine I’ll be any more clearheaded by Wednesday when they both perform for the last time. Joshua has been my favorite since night one, but Katee has been so beautiful, that I’m completely and totally won over. Ugh. I’m sure that I’ll vote for both of them… but one of them will have to receive that one deciding vote from me. Wish me luck. (Oh! and them too!)

Social Networking
I finally and reluctantly signed up for
Facebook this week. Best decision ever.
Jamie still needs convincing, so I think I’m going to put on a PowerPoint-type presentation this afternoon for her.

I have reconnected with high school people that were so instrumental in my self-discovery, and for that alone, I love you facebook.
Shout out to Buddy. I’m so glad I found you.

Well. that was my week in a bloggy nutshell.
We’re off to go hike Wildwood Canyon in Burbank, followed by a trip to the farmer’s market!
Happy Saturday!


Helen said...

power point presentation! wonder we get along :)

Jamie said...

Um. Yeah. I never got that power point presentation. Still confused as ever...

Amy A, I mean L said...

How do you know what to choose- facebook, LinkedIn, plaxo... I'm so confused!!!