Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the best kept secret

No, not the Colonel's secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices... nor the Joe Biden reveal on August 23rd.
Which only leaves... 

And who discovered this little gem of a daytrip...?

That's right! Nancy! 
Thanks Nancy!

On August 16th, a bunch of us L.A. locals took a roadtrip down to the LBC... destination: Kayaks on the Water. The little rental shack is conveniently located on the beach directly across from the famous Naples Islands canals. There are several different waterways and  canals you can explore throughout your trip. For starters, our group made the circular lap through the island and did some 'House Hunting,' where Jamie and I daydreamed about the day when we'll have a waterfront home of our very own. Jamie, Christine, Dave, Cat, Leah, Terra, Nancy, Becky, Melissa and I checked out the  boats and homes and waverunners of the lucky residents, as we drifted through their backyards. 

Next stop, Spinnaker Bay, home to several hundred
moon jellies. Here we were able to paddle the kayaks into a cove, come to a rest, and watch the translucent jellies rise to the surface.
While we were instructed not to harass the jellyfish, we were encouraged to touch them.  They were extremely slimy, and were completely harmless (no stingers on these pulsating jellies)...

...so we non-harassingly decided to pick them up. Pretty awesome.

After the interactive science lesson, we all decided to head over to the shopping center. Yes, that's right. The shopping center. We paddled parallel to the Pacific Coast Highway, and ended up on a dock that sits behind a bunch of shops, including Starbucks, Jamba Juice, and Ralph's, to name a few. We all made the requisite pitstops, in soaking wet shorts, mind you, and gave our muscles a much-needed break. 

Some of our fellow paddlers continued on to the Wildlife Refuge canal, but Jamie and I headed back to the beach.  Full of jamba juice and feeling blisters beginning to form, we decided we had had a full day already! We had a lovely ride back... and only interfered in one major fleet race. Whoops.

And so ends our kayak adventure. Like everything else Jamie and I grow to love, we want to keep going back, we want to get better at it, and we want to own our own equipment! (Though note to self: either get a closed cockpit kayak, or remember to use sunblock on your legs!!!)


Jamie said...

OMG! Your poor little lobster legs...

Caroline said...

your blog was so descriptive and entertaining, it actually pacified my aching heart for not being able to go. you took me right there with you! it brought me back to our amazing kayaking adventure on Grand Cayman. oh, and how awesome were those jellies? so very cool!

it also made me realize how much 'naples' sounds like 'nipples'.

jamie said...

hehehe...you said nipples.