Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do you believe in magic?

Okay, seriously, if you take one thing from this blog...take this. I tried the Magic Eraser for the first time this weekend and was in shock with the results.  

Like many tile owners, we love the look and color of our beautiful kitchen.  But the grout is SO hard to handle.  So I thought, why not give Mr. Clean a try?  I've seen the commercials. I see their smiley faces after just one swipe of this magical eraser.  Maybe, just maybe I'll be smiling too.  

Well, it definitely didn't happen in one swipe.  I (jamie) scrubbed and scrubbed for quite a while.  But man was that scrubbing worth it...especially when jen walked through the door and her jaw dropped to the floor.  The kitchen looks like the tile-work was just done yesterday.  Here are some before/afters.  

I also used the magic eraser on the dingy kitchen floor, and started working on the bathroom. I'm on a mission to erase every piece of dirt from this condo. Wish me luck.

Do I believe in magic? You bet I do!


Jason said...

A couple years ago I, too, was seduced by that bald, muscular powerhouse Mr. Clean. I popped open his package and pulled out that magic wonder, I too was hooked! My crevices have never looked so good!!

Helen said...

I use it on everything...It's amazing on white walls! I've even used it on my computer (the outer part and the part where my palms lay).

Amy A, I mean L said...

I too love Mr Clean!

Allyson said...

Mr Clean and me have been friends for awhile. It's the only thing that gets my white mac clean...and I have the mop for kitchen floor...genius! I hear it takes crayon off the wall too...not that I'm coloring on them or anything!

Jen said...

wow baby, it sounds as if we were the last to know about the fabulousness of mr. clean!!!

Roxanne said...

i know you laughed at me for this...but this is seriously the best thing to use as a carpet cleaner. i swear to god, it's taken out every spot.