Monday, October 6, 2008

National Stay At Home Week...

So being the rebels that we are, jen and I decided to plan the busiest week of our summer on National Stay At Home Week.  We missed a lot of great TV, but we sure did have a lot of fun in the process. Wednesday started off the marathon with the long-awaited So You Think You Can Dance Tour.  We had gotten tickets months ago, and were SO excited to finally see our SYTYCD'ers live on stage.  It was our first time at the Nokia Live in Downtown LA.  What a great venue!  We got to see all our favorite dances from Season 4 performed again.  Joshua and Katee lit up the stage.  Gev made us laugh.  And Will stole our hearts once again.  We also finally found out the real meaning behind "4-Real."  

Christine and Michelle met us for the show.  It was so great to share the experience with them after watching all the episodes together this summer over fondue and Michelle's infamous chicken wings.  Jen had so much fun Wednesday night that she has been practicing her new moves ever since.  

We truly can't wait for next summer. 
Season 5 baby!!! 


Neil Diamond at the Hollywood Bowl

Thursday night, we TIVO'd the debate and headed to the Hollywood Bowl to see the one and only, Neil Diamond. Helen had gotten a bunch of us tickets earlier in the summer, and we're so glad she did.  Neil's voice is incredible.  It soothes me.  Seriously.  He was very engaging and fun to watch.  He did all his old standards, and even some songs from his new album.  

Unfortunately,  I didn't take my camera that night.  (so unlike me!)  But if I had, you'd see a wonderful picture of Helen & Sarah drunk and eating pastries...Claudia & Nancy singing along to every word...and jen and I holding up the phone for Caroline during, yes, you guessed it, Sweet Caroline.  


Rachel Getting Married Screening

So after 8 years of producing in L.A., I finally joined the Producers Guild of America (aka The PGA.) (No has nothing to do with golf.)  Being a member of the PGA has lots of being that you get to attend lots of free screenings.  So when I got my first invite for Rachel Getting Married, I jumped at the chance.  I was allowed to bring guests, so Caroline and Amanda met up with Jen and me at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills.  

I have to admit, when I heard the title of this movie, I assumed it was going to be one of my beloved chick flicks about a wedding.  Boy was I wrong.  I won't ruin the movie for those who haven't seen it, but it deals with the struggles of an addict who leaves rehab to attend her sister's wedding. If you think your family is dysfunctional, watch this movie. It will make you feel better about yourself.  Promise.  

We all had our own opinions about the movie, but one thing we agreed on was how uncomfortable it made us feel.  To me, that's a good thing.  I love it when a movie can spark such an emotion.  I get stuck in a rut of watching movies that either make me sad or happy.  I sometimes forget that there are other emotions out there that need to be stimulated once in a while.  

Overall, I recommend seeing it once.  Once will be enough.  



So Disneyland was having their annual (unofficial) GayDays this weekend.  Basically, if you're gay or support the gays, you wear a red shirt to the park.  (Funny story...Ramdath, Helen & I went a few years back on accident.)  But this year it was planned, and highly anticipated!  

Now jen and I go to Disneyland way more than the average American.  Like once-a-month more.   You might say it's our happy place.  It never gets old, and every trip brings new adventures.  We spent most of Saturday with jen's co-worker Adam, and his friend Milton.  We had a blast!  Especially on Splash Mountain, which is quite obvious from the picture.  

It was the first time jen had seen The Haunted Mansion decorated for Halloween/Christmas.  I kicked her butt on Buzz Lightyear, but then she made me eat my words on Toy Story (as did everyone else in our group).  After the sunset, and discovering we could avoid the long line on Soarin' by becoming "Single Riders," we headed to The Lost Bar at the Disneyland Hotel to meet up with Jonathan and the gang.  

After a few drinks, and the realization that Katie hadn't peed in 9 hours, we decided to hit the road.  We planned on going back on Sunday, but after the busy day we had (which you'll read about next) we simply couldn't make it.  Plus, I didn't have another red shirt.  


NoHo Arts Festival

Our week came full-circle on Sunday when I discovered that a SYTYCD choreographer, Shane Sparks, was going to be judging a dance contest at the NoHo Arts Festival about a mile from our home.  So after a lovely breakfast, jen and I walked down to check out the scene.  It was a cute festival, and we had a blast watching the kids in the contest pop and lock, etc. Shane Sparks ended up being 5'2", which neither of us were expecting.  

After the dance contest, some art/photography browsing, and fro-yo indulging, we followed the crowd to XMA.  Xtreme Martial Arts is a studio in NoHo that was putting on quite a show.  I wish you could tell from this picture that there's a little 8-year-old kid doing a triple-flip through the air. If you're ever in NoHo, you've got to check this place out. Watch a class through the window.  We were truly enthralled.   


So that concludes my essay on what I did this "National Stay At Home Week."  
Now we're off to catch up on some much-needed zzzzzzzzzzzzz's.  

(oh, and Labor Day Weekend Part III is coming...I swear!)
(obviously, I've been a little busy.)  

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