Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Celebrity sightings.

Or perhaps I should say, "
celebrity" sightings.

I just returned from the Starbucks on Wilshire at La Brea and who was there in front of me? None other than Analeigh, from the current season of America's Next Top Model!

It was cool to see her, but i was more excited about my Pinkberry Sorbetto...


My sighting on Monday night at my local L.A. Fitness (the one on Cahuenga), was pretty good.
B-list good.
L Word good.

Dana, you live on forever in our hearts... and apparently in our North Hollywood gyms.

She looked smokin' in grey workout pants and an orange t-shirt.
In case you were wondering.
(And at least one of you was.)

So now i'm left wondering... do celebrity sightings come in threes
like celebrity deaths?

And if so, can i
please spot an A-lister?!!


Jamie said...

Now I wish i'd gone to the gym with you! Well, I did see one of my favorite Days Of Our Lives stars on my hike this morning. Unfortunately, that may be the third...

A to the G soon to be T said...

Well I saw the guy from The Cutting Edge about A-List!