Sunday, July 26, 2009

And we're live!

Thanks to our dear friend Allyson who works at E!, jen and I got to attend Thursday night's live taping of the SYTYCD 100th episode.
(Yes, we know how lucky we are.) (And yes, we know this picture is backwards.) 

Because of the celebration, most of the choreographers and tons of dancers from Seasons 1-5 were in the audience - literally sitting right in front of us. So for all of our So You Think You Can Blog followers, we put our mental note-taking skills to the test so we could deliver the goods about our beloved show and dancers.  

Here are some fun facts from the evening...

-Nigel drives a big, blue Bentley with a vanity plate reading:  SYTYCD

-Will, from Season 4, drives a silver Jag. 

-Katee, from Season 4, drives a Honda.  
(You can discover so much just walking through a parking lot!) 

-Cat Deeley looks just as amazing in person, and seems just as nice. 

-If you become friends with a page, you can get moved to kick ass seating right beside the judges.  

-Most of the dances were pre-recorded the previous week.  We were kind of disappointed by this, but luckily we got to see the them tape the two dances that will be on next week.  (no spoilers...)

-The solos were live and it's very fun to do the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown!  

-It's equally as fun to participate when Cat tells everyone to welcome their "JUDGES!!!"  

-Toni Basil paints her toenails blue and talks incessantly through the taping.  
(jen was not pleased to be sitting beside her.) 

-Shane Sparks texts incessantly through the taping.  

-Brian Friedman wears long (ugly) Victorian blazers and tries to (very loudly) predict who's going home during the taping.

-Katie Holmes was definitely not performing live.  
(But I'm sure everyone figured that one out themselves.) 

-Jamie peed in the stall beside Comfort.

-Jen said hi to Gev. 

-Benji, winner of Season 2, turned around during the taping and said to Shane Sparks and Lil C "hey you urban guys, can you keep it down." Luckily, the "urban guys" laughed.  

-Joshua, winner of Season 4, did the head nod at jen.  

-All of the dancers from past seasons were sitting together and appeared to be genuine friends. At one point, they all passed around a copy of the show's recently-released workout DVD and made fun of each other posing on the cover.  

-Twitchington shared a minute-long hug.  

-Jen shared an "emotional point" with Kayla.  

(okay, not that emotional.)

-Travis, much to jen's dismay, was not in the building.  

-Jason & Jeanine, who were rumored to be dating (by Christine), don't seem to be.  After he was voted off, she continued dancing in the confetti and never went over to console him.  If they are in fact dating, he should dump her.  

-Mia Michaels is stunning.  

-Pasha, from Season 3, is a great dresser and went on stage to dance with an audience member before the taping.  

-Kerrington bought her dress at American Apparel.  

-No cameras or phones were allowed (unless you're Shane Sparks) so we have no proof of any of this.


jen. said...

this blog belongs on THE HOT TAMALE TRAIN!!!!

He Is Crafty said...

WHOO! WHOO! The train is coming into the station!! I am so excited SYTYCBlog is back!!