Thursday, September 11, 2008

She's back...

No, I'm not referring to Brenda on the new 90210.  The woman who is "back" is the one and only Queen of Disco...Donna Summer!  

I have to admit that Donna Summer is one my (jamie) first childhood memories.  My mom used to be an aerobics instructor in the early 80s, and she would blast Donna Summer throughout the house while making up new routines for her classes.  And still, in the year 2008, my mom can be found shaking her butt while working in the yard with Hot Stuff playing on her shuffle.  The neighbors laugh.  My dad rolls his eyes.  But the thought of her disco dancing in the front yard to music that no one else can hear, will always make me smile.  

So when jen and I saw that Donna Summer was making her comeback at the Hollywood Bowl this summer, we knew we had to surprise my mom with tickets.  We didn't tell her where we were going...just that she needed to be in LA the weekend of August 22nd.  I couldn't wait to see her face as we approached the marquee.  She couldn't believe it.  Donna Summer!  She hasn't released an album in 17 years.  Wait, she's still alive?  OMG!  Donna Summer!  

We brought Helen along for the ride, even though when I asked her if she wanted to go, her response was "what does she sing?"  ;) 

The concert was amazing!  Donna Summer is quite the diva. Her first song was entitled The Queen is Back, and after her performance, it was obvious that she was never really gone. She played most of her new songs, and all of her old hits. Everyone was standing and dancing ...especially mom. Donna was funny, engaging, and a blast to watch. Her numerous costume changes were incredible! So many sequins. And to make the night even more indulgent, we brought along Yummy Cupcakes to munch on during the intermission. 

I heard my mom later on the phone telling her friend that she had converted three 30-somethings to be Donna Summer fans...and she was right.  We bought her new CD the next morning, and have been working out to the tunes ever since. If only I could go back in time and take one my mom's aerobics classes... 

Mom, if you're reading this, we were thrilled to share this moment with you.  


jen. said...

this show was sooOOoo good! (and your blog is too!)
her oldies were a blast, her new songs are extremely addicting, and her personality won me over.

she may call herself a diva, but she's the humblest one i've ever seen! i hope she comes back to L.A. soon - i need me some more Donna!

Helen said...

I think I redeemed myself by knowing "MacArthur Park" :)
Best concert ever!